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Hello my friends!

Let’s look good while we work out!!!

So, I won’t lie, I do not have an easy time being dedicated to a workout routine.  I’ve done soul searching wondering why?  I FEEL SO GOOD when I’m done!  What’s the deal!!!  MAYBE it starts with the clothing I’m wearing!!!!

Recently I decided to get back into shape, this time, I’m looking to feel better, not to fit into a number on the scale.

Instead of just throwing on my exercise clothes I’ve probably had for the last 10 years, I wanted to make it FUN because you know why?!  I WANT TO STICK WITH IT!!

I was interested in finding workout options that are bright, bold, colorful and makes a statement and show that I am proud to be 50+ and active!

I want my workout gear to reflect my commitment into myself and that I don’t want to “blend in” with anyone else.  It’s taken me a long time to get to the woman that I am and I’m saying “I’m proud of me!”.

After searching extensively, I was just blown away over the LACK of fun, quirky, beautiful, comfortable workout clothes!!  Then I started really researching and found, the clothing is out there, it’s just buried!

I was going through pages and pages of search results of bland, white, gray, black, tan tights, bras and workout tops.  For those that feel their best in these types of workout clothes, you go go go!  I support you!

As for me??  I need color, excitement and style!


I want to test, research, review and locate quality, beautiful and functional choices in fitness wear.  Both for your casual attire or workout fitness routine!

I’ve spent hours looking for the vision in my head of bold and beautiful workout styles and I want to find them and bring them all to one place so the busy woman or the woman that just doesn’t want to search, can find options here to take her there.

Let’s have some fun along the way too!


I want to scour, search and find the many wonderful brands out there with my vision of “fun workout apparel for women over 50” and bring these styles to those who want to convey to the world that they are: “uncommon”, “beautiful”, “strong”, “independent”!  Or the woman that just loves to be sassy and spicy!

If you ever need a hand, want me to research something you are looking for or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Deanna Kriesman



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