Fun Workout Clothes for Women

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Lets take a look at the VALUE of having Fun Workout Clothes!!

The question of the day, does the color and style of your workout clothing really matter? Does it make us feel more energetic, more empowered?

It’s a subject of debate, and the truth is, getting your exercise in is above all the most important but how can color, graphic design, comfort and style create a positive impact to your quest to get healthy and fit?

Fun workout clothes for women can turn a day when you don’t feel like getting to the gym or even to your living room to use the DVD player to a day when you check everything off of your list and then some! Feeling good about yourself can provide the extra push when you need to do it!

Color Affects Mood – Take Advantage of it

Our workout clothing can definitely give us more power to get things done! A person’s confidence and attitude can be directly affected by what they wear, so the same should be true of workout apparel.

Many companies are starting to jump on the band wagon of providing high quality, vibrant and beautiful colors into their offerings. This website was created to help women find them!

There are many studies on color theory and how it can impact workouts but without getting down in the weeds of psychology studies, I just know color makes my world happier. It may directly improve your mood, enhance your state of mind and tick up your performance ratings. The quality of material, graphic artwork and color can help us express our emotional state and even our future desires. In essence, if we allow it, it can mold our futures just with intentionally.

Don’t dress for others to notice, but for YOURSELF for you to notice, and you can achieve greatness in the everyday!!

Comfort Exudes Confidence

Do a test. Put on your dingiest outfit (for me, gym shorts that don’t really fit me and a t shirt that was once my husbands). Head out to the store, or anywhere in public.

Don’t worry about what others are seeing or thinking because that is not important, what is important is HOW DO YOU FEEL?

Take notice, do you feel frumpy, grumpy, grouchy, unattractive (stay with me, even though we aren’t worried about that) or blah? Measure how motivated you feel to just take care of your day?

Now, go home, put on a well fitting, colorful, vibrant and comfortable outfit. It can be workout wear, or just casual, even business. Go back to the same place, how do you feel? I know that when I put a modicum of energy into myself, my day is completely different! I may even make it to the gym on time!

For me, COMFORT outweighs almost everything else when it comes to my confidence, but it really needs an additional factor added to feel my best and that is well fitting and comfortable.

Color and design are just the whipped cream and cherry on top but I’m here to tell you, if you are comfortable and dressed well, you can and will conquer so many of your goals!!

Standing out from the crowd

Remember when you were in grade school and middle school and you just wanted to walk down the hall and have everyone pointing at you and how cool and fabulous you look and you would be all warm and bubbly inside knowing that you did a great job putting yourself together and the whole world was your oyster? Yeah, me either!!! I was the MOST awkward kid in all central Texas. It took me about 30 years to learn and express my personal creativity.

WHY WHY WHY does it take us so long to get to know ourselves earlier!?

Maybe you already have and if so, I’m so proud of you!!

I went to the gym yesterday and while I was walking on the treadmill before my class, I just watched people around the gym.

I did not see ONE female (or male for that matter) with anything on other than tan……black……navy……or gray fitness gear on (except for me, but I’ve always been one that dresses in outlandish patterns).

The Zumba instructor was the most colorful and creatively dressed person in the house! You know what?! I wanted to KNOW who he was and he was so invested in it, it made the class so fun and ENERGETIC! I don’t know about anyone else, but I truly need every blasted spec off energy anyone can afford to pass my way!

His energy truly made my day BETTER!

Using creatively styled fitness wear will be to our advantage! Lets get creative!

Your Fitness Program Investment

If you have ever gotten the bug to get healthy and fit you know what the personal financial investment that goes into it and the investment of your will that goes into it. It takes energy, it takes perseverance and it takes time. High quality, beautiful work out clothes can be some insurance and validation to the new you that is in the making and its also not an investment to take lightly. It has to be measured against your affordability within your family.

So many of us in America right now are really struggling to make ends meet.

Spicy Fitness Wear’s goal is to find, locate and recommend the best we can find in the industry, where they can easily be found and compared for value. A new piece here, a new piece there when its affordable or you change sizes or you want inherently creatively change your perception to the world, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

You got this!!! Lets Get Moving!

Hopefully this article provides value to you if even that only means you are open to the concept of spicing up your fitness wear! Please contact us if there is something you’d like us to research and find for you, or anything else for that matter.

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